Fresh Orange juicer vending machine

Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine is a leading model for orange juice with ourself researched software and patented squeezed system.By multi payment selection and automatic squeezed system it only take 45 seconds chill, cut andsqueeze oranges into a sealed cup for immediate consumption.

Orange Juice Vending Machine Parameter

machine Size1330*930*2100 mm
packing Size1510*1130*2200mm
orange size50-85mm
Power consumption10 kw*h/24h
computer screen21.6"/LCD Screen
cup size12OZ(350ml +/-) top dia.9cm, height:9-13cm
Storage quantity of oranges335oranges/67 orange sliders(5oranges per slider)
basic payment methodcash acceptor(itl), coins for changes

Automatic Orange Juice Vending Machine Payment

Our machine can support cash payment and card payment.

1. For cash payment, can both support banksnotes and coins, different currencies can be customized.

2. For card payment, we use Nayax card reader and it can support the following countries. (next page)

Automatic Orange Juice Vending Machine Part

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Juice Vending Machine Application