Commercial Espresso Coffee Vending Machine

The Coffee vending machine is cheap and small in size, reducing site rent.The plug does not exceed 10 amps, the peak power is 2000w, the average power is 1000w, 1KWH powder/hr.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Vending Machine Parameter 

machine Size 650*768*1830mm
Cup Cabinet5 pcs
cup size12 OZ( the size can be customized)
Coffee Brewer16g
computer screen 21.5"  touch screen
Canister Quantity6 canisters
Water InputInlet Pressure: 9-10bar
Canisters CapacityBean Hopper 1.5Kg, instant canisters 2Kg, water bottle 18.9L/pc, waste coffee bin(100pcs), water bin (4L)

ice cooling syste

BRAND new way of making ice.

The puree enters the pipeline to cool and pre-cool, add ice water to make iced coffee, about 5 degrees.

Note:  It takes about 2 hours for the initial refrigeration, 100 cups can be continuously produced after that.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Vending Machine Payment



Our machine can support coins, banknotes and cashless payment.

For coins and banknotes, we can customize for almost all kinds of currencies in the world.

For cashless oayment, we can support credit card and bank card by NAYAX machine.

Automatic Coffee Vending Machine Flavours

Remote monitor system

Available to check machine status and sales data on computer or mobile phone

Machines status

Sales status

Comparison of coffee making apperacne


1.Small size, light weight, reliable structure, simple maintenance, low maintenance rate. can make iced American coffee quickly andcontinuously , which can be drunk immediately and has good consistency in taste.

3.The ice-making mold is cancelled, the maintenance cost and the overroll power is reduced, so that the whole machine power is controlled within 10A, and the environmental restrictions on electricity consumption are lifted.

4.Invention patents, leading technology, and boosting brand value.

Disadvantage: 1.It is temporarily impossible to make iced American coffee lower than 4 ° C. At present, the normal cup temperature is 4-5 ° C.