Snack And Food Vending Machines

Vending machines can fully supplement the shortage of human resources and adapt to changes in the consumption environment and consumption patterns. The 24-hour unmanned vending system can save more effort, require less capital and small area for operation, and have the ability to attract people’s curiosity to buy. Performance, can well solve the problem of rising labor costs and other advantages

Snack And Food Vending Machines Parameter

Model Vcm3
machine Size762*830*1830mm
Snacks Only468

Snacks Vendor Refrigerated Vending Machine

Which places are suitable for unmanned road vending machines

1. School

The location of the school generally needs to be obtained through bidding. After you have the qualification to settle in, the dormitory building, canteen, sports field, and library in the school are all worth planning.

2. Traffic stations

Common traffic stations such as subways, high-speed rails, and trains require bidding just like schools. If you win the bid, don’t forget to put unmanned vending machines in the transit corridor.

3.Tourist attractions

When the scenic spot is launched in the scenic spot, remember to choose a place far away from the physical store, or it is also very good to choose a tourist rest area.


The distribution of the factory needs to observe the daily consumption habits of the workers. Generally speaking, male employees buy more drinks, so before the distribution, it is necessary to know the ratio of men to women in the factory, and then distribute it in the workshop and dormitory of the factory.

Snack And Food Vending Machines

Remote monitor system

Available to check machine status and sales data on computer or mobile phone