Self Service Smart Coffee Vending Machine

Simple and intelligent operation, one-button coffee extraction, more convenient functions and intelligent cleaning, intelligent, efficient, and stable output

Self Service Smart Coffee Vending Machine Parameter

machine Size 650*768*1830mm
Cup Cabinet5 pcs
cup size12 OZ( the size can be customized)
Coffee Brewer16g
computer screen 21.5"  touch screen
Canister Quantity6 canisters
Water InputInlet Pressure: 9-10bar
Canisters CapacityBean Hopper 1.5Kg, instant canisters 2Kg, water bottle 18.9L/pc, waste coffee bin(100pcs), water bin (4L)

Automatic Coffee Vending Machine 

Automatic Coffee Vending Machine Flavours

Remote monitor system

Available to check machine status and sales data on computer or mobile phone

Machines status

Sales status

Comparison of coffee making process


1. Self-service completion, including payment, coffee making, and coffee delivery;
2. The venue is not limited, and it can be placed in the store near the subway station at the entrance of the shopping mall, etc.; even convenience stores, bakeries, and clothing stores can be placed.
3. The dependence on professionals is small, only a small team is needed to input the parameters into the machine, and only a few people are needed for maintenance and feeding, one person can manage multiple machines, and the personnel cost is low.
4. Now many self-service coffee machines are equipped with the Internet of Things function, which can adjust parameters at the online backend and statistically analyze data, which is very convenient.
5. Most of the self-service coffee machines are freshly ground coffee, and many have other functions, such as hot chocolate and matcha.