Coin Operated Ice Cream Vending Machine

The main structure of the machine is customized and manufactured by the national standard sheet metal. The compressor is an Italian imported Embraco 1.5P, and the quality can be assured.

Konmax Ice Cream Vending Machine Description:

The Self Service Ice Cream Vendo Machine Soft Serve overcomes the high labor cost, long working time, high labor intensity, and low production efficiency in the traditional way of manually selling ice cream. The technical problem of poor product standardization; and it can realize automatic production and sales, creating an unattended trading environment, making purchases convenient and fast, and providing customers with a full range of self-service purchase experience.

Coin Operated Ice Cream Vending Machine Parameters

machine Size950*1000*1800MM
Taste of auxiliary Materials3kinds of jam 3 kinds of topping
Taste of Raw Materials1 kind of milk syrup
Power 1500W
Speed28 seconds per cup(6 cups in a row)
computer screen23.6"/LCD Screen
Languageall main languages availabe
cup materialplastic(a cup of 70g)
Paymentcash acceptor(itl), coins for changes

Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine Advantages 

The ice cream vending machine has intelligent management

The ice cream vending machine is easy to maintain, and multiple ice cream vending machines can be managed in batches through the mobile phone or cloud background. The sales report, fault warning, automatic cleaning, etc. can be intelligent one-click operation, and profit Super high, you can make money while lying at home

Ice cream vending machines have high flexibility

Many people are interested in the high margins of ice cream, and they just want to open a dessert shop or invest in an automatic ice cream machine, and the facade resources are relatively small, and the rent and decoration costs are high, so the ice cream is automatic Vending machines stand out and can be flexibly placed in squares, scenic spots, schools and other places.

Puffing rate as much as 43%

ice cream vending machine is very powerful. It can produce a variety of different types and flavors of ice cream to meet the needs of ice cream lovers of different ages. Therefore, in terms of multiple purchase rates, ice cream vending machines can attract more people's attention than ice cream shops with other stores.

Operation without humanization

Ice cream vending machines can be open 24 hours a day without manual assistance. Save the increasingly high labor cost. Of course the rest is profit.

Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine Payment



Payment methods include WeChat, Alipay, cash, coins, credit cards, and are combined into standardized and customized payment products according to business logic for service output, and realize docking with various payment scenarios to complete scenario-based access.

  • Our machine can support coins, banknotes and cashless payment.

  • For coins and banknotes, we can customize for almost all kinds of currencies in the world.

  • For cashless payment, we can support credit card and bank card.


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