Orange juice vending machine

With our fresh squeezed orange juice vending machine you can now offer a healthy beverage choice to your customers.
Delivered in 40 seconds you may now have a cup of 100% natural fresh squeezed orange juice.

Orange Juice Vending Machine Advantage



Visible oranges squeezing and juice dispensing process .

Round the clock

24/7 -available around the clock , anywhere , anytime .


The machine temperature is 3-5℃,which is the best taste of freshlysqueezed orange juice.Oranges can be stored for about 7 days.

Food grade

Parts are food grade ,the accossory can be removed and cleaned.Ozone disinfection,keeping the whole machine clean.

Automatic Orange Juice Vending Machine Part

Real exellecent data from our clients

Juice Vending Machine Application