Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Fully automatic cotton candy making machine, cotton candy vending machine, suitable for playgrounds, shopping malls, supermarkets, parks, video game cities, subways, restaurants, hotels, unmanned supermarkets, etc.

Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine Parameter

machine Size133*66*(170+43)cm
sugar consumption40-45 sugar/kg
sugar capacity8kg(4 bottles* 2kg of each), can make around 300 candy flowers
flavor36 flowers types 4 flavors

Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine Feature

1, automatic cotton candy production machine, instead of manual operation
2, the operation is simpler, convenient and safe
3, increased the stability and accuracy of making marshmallow
4, with a variety of shapes, just control the touch screen to operate
5, easy to clean, clean and hygienic
6, safe and fast, the production time is about 2 minutes to complete
7, the customer can also make their own, that is, follow the instructions on the machine display, you can enter the completion command.

36 marshmallow making shape choices

Remote monitor system

Available to check machine status and sales data on computer or mobile phone


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