Fully Automatic Ice Cream Vending Machine

With our fresh squeezed orange juice vending machine you can now offer a healthy beverage choice to your customers.
Delivered in 40 seconds you may now have a cup of 100% natural fresh squeezed orange juice.

Konmax Automatic Ice Cream Vending Machine Description:

Fully automatic (soft) ice cream vending machine, covering an area of 0.85 square meters, fully automatic selling ice cream, supports 1 milk paste raw materials, 3 jams, 3 toppings, and a total of 59 flavors through matching. The customer selects the desired flavor through the screen, scans the code on the mobile phone to pay, and the robot starts to take the cup by itself, pick up the ice cream, pick up the jam, topping, and complete the cup. The whole process can be completed in as fast as 15 seconds (original flavor).

Automatic Orange Juice Vending Machine Parameters

machine Size950*1000*1800MM
Taste of auxiliary Materials3kinds of jam 3 kinds of topping
Taste of Raw Materials1 kind of milk syrup
Power  1500W
Speed28 seconds per cup(6 cups in a row)
computer screen23.6"/LCD Screen
Languageall main languages availabe
cup materialplastic(a cup of 70g)
Paymentcash acceptor(itl), coins for changes

Automatic Orange Juice Vending Machine Payment

Our machine can support cash payment and card payment.

  • 1. For cash payment, can both support banksnotes and coins, different currencies can be customized.

  • 2. For card payment, we use Nayax card reader and it can support the following countries.

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